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Travel Consultant

We are Travel Consultants that meet with clients to discuss and learn about their travel requirements and we are responsible for advising clients about suitable travel options in accordance with their needs, wants and capabilities.

In addition, We help our clients to plan their trips and our service includes.

  • Research, explore and study different travel destination options
  • Research destination and travel prices, customs, weather conditions, reviews etc.,
  • Research and study clients’ specifications and wishes
  • Suggest suitable travel options that best suite clients’ needs
  • Plan and organize travels plans
  • Book tickets, reserve accommodation, organize rental transportation
  • Inform clients and provide useful travel material such as guides, maps and event programs
  • Offer and promote different services and offerings for client’s
  • Organized summit, conferences and other educational programs that might give clients better knowledge on their travel plans.
  • Build and maintain relationships with prospective clients

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