Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase


To be successful in the hire purchase business, you are advised to hand over your property to a trusted and reliable company rather than individual. So many people have lost their property running this business because they gave their property to someone they don’t have good and enough information about.


Here at A&S GLOBAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED, We take away all these burdens and stress off your shoulder and bear it all.


Our hire purchase programme is reliable and guaranteed without putting our clients into unnecessary stress. With A&S GLC Ltd, you can provide buses/trucks and face other work while your investment with us keeps bringing money to you on regular basis without failing.


What makes A&S GLC Ltd reliable


(1) It is one thing to have a bus/truck as hire purchase, it is another thing to have a place where the bus/truck can work regularly to meet up with the payment plan. With our partners (P&G, Unilever, Nestle etc), we are able to provide places where all these buses and trucks can work on regular basis to meet up with the payment plan without disappointing our investors.


(2) At A&S GLC Ltd, we have a group of people who have been equipped with over ten (10) years experience in logistics business as our team and working together for the progress of our organization either as a mechanic for all the maintenance and repairs or as a driver assigned to a particular bus/truck.


At A&S GLC Ltd, running a hire purchase business is made easy, reliable and guaranteed. The property is not owned by us until the entire sum of the money on the property is fully paid to our investors.

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