A&S GLC Ltd Operating Lease module

A&S GLC Ltd Operating Lease module saves owners the hassle of managing costs for the maintenance of their fleet. By chosen this service, we only pay for the use of truck/bus and not its ownership. we simply make monthly payment for a specified term without intent to own the vehicle.


A&S GLC Ltd operating lease offers peace of mind to all our partners within and outside the country. With this plan, you can be anywhere in the world and still run the business effectively know that our presence means your presence.


As the lease nears its expiration date, simply choose your next step from a range of end-of-lease options including , extending your current lease or

  1. Upgrade to a new vehicle
  2. Sell the old one to A&S GLC Ltd.


A&S GLC Ltd Operating Lease comes with a range of value added options and benefits that can be customized to meet your unique needs. We see you as a partner, not only a client and as such, we try to ensure you are provided with the very best in service. Our Operating Lease comes in two offers:


Fully Maintained Lease

Our Fully Maintained Operating Lease is available for all fleet types. It catered for all costs into one monthly payment that covers everything from lease payments, service, preventive and corrective maintenance, vehicle tracking, drivers, vehicle licensing and papers etc. A Fully Maintained Operating Lease removes all residual and maintenance risk from your fleet and is borne by us. The next line of action is to bring your vehicle for inspection and start earning your money on monthly basis without stress or headache. ( A fully maintained lease service period covers maximum of one year and the contract is renewable from one month to expiry date).


Non-Maintained Operating Lease

If you prefer to manage the maintenance and repairs of your vehicles by yourself, then a Non-Maintained Operating Lease presents a simple, straightforward business solution to your fleet. All what you need to do is to bring your truck (s) for assessment and register your truck(s) with us.

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